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The D3v1ce Development Status

This science fiction TV show is fast becoming a reality.

In August of 2023, we filmed the Proof of Concept, a 15-minute short entitled Intellectual Property. We are currently in post production and anticipate a January 31, 2024 completion date.

For the show itself, pilot episodes 1-3 are written.

-Episode 1: The young inventor Darren struggles to get his Vulcan scanner to work. A terrible discovery reopens an old wound in his family, the abduction of his kid sister Jayna while under Darren's watch. 

-Episode 2: Now employed at a world class brain science lab, Darren cracks the code and successfully scans himself. He faces his past. 

-Episode 3: Darren showcases the power of Vulcan, treating a patient with Alzheimer's disease. But he conceals the fact that it causes side effects...  


Season 1 is fully outlined, episode by episode. 

Season 2 is rough outlined.

Seasons 3 through 5 all have a strong vision. 

To read the episodes or our Series Pitch Doc, please contact us here.

Vulcan Renderings

Below are CAD renderings of the Vulcan device which we have constructed for this show with Art Director Laurence Laufer.


Art and Inspiration

Technical Diagram

If you are interested in being a part of The D3v1ce TV show, contact us here.

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