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Island Lobsterman is the story of Malcolm Fernald, who, with his father Dan, lobster fishes the waters in the Acadia region of Maine. This film is about the unique lifestyle they lead on the small island of Little Cranberry, and they challenges they face in the lobstering profession.

Documentary - 2022 (23 minutes)

Produced/Directed by Andrew Lyman-Clarke

Sound recorded by Sean Welski

With Malcolm and Dan Fernald



80 million people around the world are on the autism spectrum, and 4 out of 5 of them are unemployed. JPMorgan Chase's global Autism at Work program finds talented individuals on the spectrum and offers employment opportunity.

Documentary - 2019 (3 minutes)

Produced/Directed by Andrew Lyman-Clarke

Edited by Toshi Takatsuka

With Alex, Dakota and Kym 


Thomas Szasz, MD challenged modern psychiatry saying that it was largely pseudoscience. In this interview, recorded just two years before his death, he discusses the foundations of his theories, and why they are so threatening to the psychiatric establishment. In addition, he is challenged by tough questions to back his controversial claims.


Documentary - 2013 (50 minutes)

Produced/Directed by Philip Singer, PhD

Edited by Andrew Lyman-Clarke

With Thomas Szasz MD and Philip Singer, PhD


One Of the Mad Ones is a documentary history of a boarded New York psychiatrist, Dr. Dan DeSole, who rejects modern psychopharmacology in favor of human interaction. Filmed over 18 years, it shows DeSole working with patients previously 'dumbed down' with drugs, using his own unique interpersonal techniques. After suffering a heart attack, he recapitulates his career and explains why he wants to commit suicide.

Documentary - 2011 (99 minutes)

Produced/Directed by Philip Singer, PhD

Edited by Andrew Lyman-Clarke

With Dan DeSole, MD and his patients

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